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About the Artist 

Born in a small Cambridgeshire village, I was surrounded by open countryside and trees and immersed in nature at a formative age.  My formal art training never went beyond A level and only came back to me dabbling with art towards early middle age compelled by using leftover paint left by my son during his school studies.   Encouraged by a supportive husband and good friends to move beyond dabbling, I began to paint compositions from favourite photographs I had taken.


After losing both parents and all contact with my beloved childhood village, I felt compelled to paint it's countryside and historical houses as a form a therapy.  Favourite places, especially those around the Brecks over the Suffolk border from me also became a focus, with special attention to the silver birches that flourished there.  A silver birch stood in my childhood garden and their beauty, elegance and the way their bark caught the light continues to be a subject in my work I return to again and again.


My other interests are history, creative writing, visiting historical sites and photography. 

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